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2010 Commitments!

I’m rather please to announce my commitments for 2010. This is predominately because 2009 resulted in quite a few revelations about the things I want, what I want to do with my life and how I would like to get there. I have every intention of making amazing things happen in 2010, for myself mostly, but as a trickle down effect, for my friends and family too. Who I am in 2010 will no doubt affect everyone in my circle, so… without further adieu!

The Commitment List!

It all starts with: “I am committed to…”

— traveling to at least 3 destinations outside of the mainland United States by the end of the year
— taking care of my foot surgery (I’ve put it off for 4 years) by mid-year
— treating myself with beauty in mind by having regular massages, growing out my hair using natural products (no more cuts!) and embracing shopping in order to create my feminine and trendy look
— paying down my remaining credit card debt by the end of the year
— studying my Japanese at least 3 times a week to improve my skill
— losing at least 15 pounds by May 15th (I’m going to St. Lucia, baby!)

There’s a lot of other things I plan to do, but they are just that: PLANS. You know how plans go… 🙂 But it is with a certain soul and solid intention that I am setting out to do what I’ve said above.

So… to 2009, kiss the rings; you were an ungrateful bitch! And cheers to 2010 — I am looking forward to rocking you hard.

Love n Peace,

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