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Trying My Hand At Writing About Something Mundane

I’m forever talking about super heavy topics like love, friendship, loss, blah blah blah. I was just reminded yesterday that I should laugh at my own silliness from time to time, so instead of harping about life’s troubles and sometimes rewards, I guess I’ll take a shot at something much more mundane: TV, movies and books.

I’ve been a romance book fan since I was probably 10 years old. Waaayyy too young for reading about scandalous behavior, but there it is. It’s something I’ve never really given up, but from time to time, I slow down on the reading, usually when I’m in a good relationship with someone and they give me enough romance that I don’t need to read about it. I fancy myself a romance writer for that matter, and I do have a novel about 1/2 done. Maybe now that I’m single again I can finish that sucker. There is something about the genre that appeals to the heart of us all, I think. People love “love”, and reading about it provides this sense of ideal, how it really should be, however cockeyed the scenarios may be. It gives you a nice feeling inside, at least me.

Was that mundane enough? Hm. I’ll try again.

So TV and movies…. I watch a lot of forensic shows like CSI, NCIS.. and stuff like Law & Order too. Such great shows! They appeal to the analyst in me. I couldn’t see myself ever doing forensic science as a profession (way too dry) but I like how they managed to sexify an otherwise boring job. I recently got into NCIS; I had no idea how hot that show is! I had to set my DVR to record the series. As for movies, a good disaster flick is fun. I’m looking forward to seeing 2012. Nevermind that the Mayans did not say the world was ending in 2012… I love how people misinterpret those things. -_- And the whole Nostradamus blah blah. Look, when the world ends, we won’t have enough time to consider what we should do or what we could have done. You would think that people would get it and take the cue of “live your life” with impending doom at their doorsteps. Fact is, life will end when it ends and we cannot anticipate that. Why live in anticipation of death? Better to enjoy those around you now, today, and not stress about tomorrow. I’m just grateful I wake up in the morning, not about what’s gonna happen in December 2012.

I was sooo close to being mundane! Mundie! (Read “The Mortal Instruments” series if you don’t understand why I say that blasted word so much!) Omg, I love that series…. looking forward to reading it again. 😀