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The Japanese Re-Observations

Man, how easily I forgot some really standard things about this place. So yesterday, I’m walking around in Akihabara and I said hey, let me grab a coffee. I went to this place called Tully’s and got an “Espresso Swirkle” (wild name), which ended up being pretty tasty. (As a side note, they have a winter special drink called a Tiramisu Latte… hmm!)

Anyway, I’m walking around with my drink and when I finish it, I realize there’s nowhere for me to toss it in the trash! Literally, there are not trash bins anywhere to be found! People basically eat around the spot where they bought the food or drink, so trash isn’t really an issue. So here I am, traipsing around with this empty container for about 20 minutes, and I can’t find garbage until I went back to the train station. It was just wild. I had the exact same problem when I came here in 2003. I’m so mad that I forgot, but hey, its not like I’m here all the time. Even Herman said he simply doesn’t notice that sort of stuff anymore, which I can understand.

Today should be a bit more eventful considering Saturday was kind of a down day — Friday was just so awesome that I drained myself! A matsuri down the street (supposedly), and then heading to Aoyama to check out some cooking equipment. Did you REALLY think I was gonna leave this country without some sort of cooking something? I’m on the hunt for a yakitori grill. 😀

Okay, it’s 8:30am… time to get one more post on Citrus Concepts done, and then I’m off to get ready!