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Now I Remember Why I Didn�t Wanna Come Back.

I had a blast last night at Japas 55 until closing with Al and Denise, but the aftermath of it was devastating. I was looking through my Tokyo pictures, like it was some sort of short vacation and I realized it was my life I was looking at, the life that made sense to me. And then the tears started. I left Al in the car after he dropped me off (thanks, Al!) last night… crying. Literally crying. I cried last time I came back from Tokyo, and there are so many parallels from the first and this time, this feeling of not belonging here… it is too strong once again.

I have to go back to Tokyo. I simply have to. NY is driving me crazy.

While I love NY, grew up here and was raised here, it is too loud, too crass, too crazy… I mean, I woke up this morning to blasting mexi music in my bedroom and I was like really? I mean, really?! This is just unacceptable. That’s not to say that NY is bad. There are some good things about NY, but preference is preference, and God knows I love Tokyo more.

The question is: what’s next? It’s always “what’s next”…. grrr….

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  1. Yeah, I felt the same way when I first left Hawaii, then I moved over, and now I am feeling the same way about New York!

    So what’s next?

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