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Watch Out Tokyo… Here I Come!!

Since I’ll be in Japan really soon — can you believe it’s less than 3 weeks away?! — I’d like to start up my Tokyo Shorts again. (Don’t know what that is?Check out my e collection @

I really enjoyed putting that kind of story out based on my experiences of places and people while in Tokyo. That city is unlike any other, even New York, and that’s saying something! There’s a vibe here that is multifaceted: sexy, cute, fun… simply dynamic. If I could live in another city, Tokyo would be it. Technically I still could but hey, I’ve still got a lot going on here in the NYC. It’s not time yet, but eventually.

Anyway, Tokyo Shorts. I’ve written them in English for the most part. I’m pondering an idea for a story right now.

I haven’t been on a proper vacation in 3 years. It’s not for lack of trying, but I’ve been in culinary school for the last 2 years. :-/ And with my relationhip breakup plus changes in my life landscape, this vacation isn’t a luxury –it’s a necessity. So time to bask in Japan’s aura and come back refreshed, with new perspective and the drive to get my business going in 2010. Yeah, I’m excited. 😛