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So Says The Sorely Disappointed Mets Fan

As much as I love baseball, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the game after a certain point. I’m a NY Mets fan… I grew up loving them, and no matter how bad things got, I still supported them (with plenty of cursing at them to boot!). So it makes this a really weird year for me. A entire starting lineup had problems, injuries, you name it. For me, that wouldn’t be a problem, since the Mets have a well developed farm system. BUT my main issue was the fact that management didn’t recognize the need for developing the younger talent so that they were primed and ready for the majors. Instead this season, we were caught with our pants down and our drawers on fire. How in the world can the Wilpons excuse such oversight by Omar Minaya, and to an extent Jerry Manuel?

Look, not to hate or anything, but it rips my heart out to see excited Yankee fans hopping the D train to get to a post-season game. THREE YEARS IN A ROW!! They choked for 2, then died for the third. When are they gonna get the fear of God put in them? Steinbrenner has that skill down pat.

I will still root for them, but before they get another dime of my money for CitiField, I better see some major changes to their setup before spring training.

It will be nice to see New York win, even if it’s the Yanks. So says the sorely disappointed (and disgruntled!) Mets fan.