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Maybe Doesn�t Work

I was reflecting on this yesterday and this morning. Very often, we say maybe we will do something or that we will try and so something. Maybe? Try? Either we do it or we don’t, it’s quite simple. In that moment perhaps, you don’t know if that yes or no will be the answer. But it will end up yes or no anyway. But much bigger than that… maybe puts your decisions into limbo mode and shows to an extent that decisive action isn’t your norm. Decisiveness is a sexy thing in my book; a guy (or gal) that knows what they want or what they want to do, however minimal, is a great thing. Wanna go to the movies? Give me options of shows not “whatever you wanna see”. Feel like taking a trip? Say yes, then make the plans to get there. Saying yes is a better place to come from than the other end. That movie “Yes Man” brought up a good point. Living life with “no” and “maybe” hanging over you doesn’t give you the opportunity to experience anything new.

Isn’t that what life is about after all? Our time in this world is so short, so finite.. Why waste precious time saying no all the time?

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