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Halloween � I Just Don�t Get It

What is the deal with Halloween? This year, I plan to stay home for a whole bunch of reasons, some really personal so I won’t mention them here. But I have a certain fascination with the holiday. Kids getting dressed up, going house to house asking for candy… I can see the appeal somewhat. Grown adults, however, are a bit perplexing for me. I suppose with my somewhat unorthodox upbringing that I don’t understand the holiday wth that child-like point of view. When I was a kid, I didn’t do the whole trick or treating thing. I was mandated to stay home, no dressing up, none of that. So in my adult life, I find it quite hard to dress up that way. For some it’s reclaiming a bit of youth for one night, or maybe it’s just the chance to be someone else. Either way, I have neither impetus. It seems like fun, but it’s more like a window looking in, something I just don’t understand. It’s a little awkward, I suppose. Listen to me: I’m gonna be 31 years old this year and I’m talking about how awkward Halloween is to me. And the funny thing is that I like dressing up, like for the Renn Faire or something like that. Something about Halloween gives me pause. I won’t think that hard about it. Instead tomorrow, I’ll cook, watch TV, then go to sleep in my brand new bed.

I hope the neighbors aren’t expecting me to give their kids candy.