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�Good Hair� commentary

First off, THANK YOU Chris Rock for putting this kind of subject matter into the limelight. Who’d have thought black hair would be a subject of conversation at the national level?! Gotta say, watching this movie really was a throwback to childhood.

I don’t have what people consider to be “good hair”. I’ve got kinky black hair, the kind of stuff that when you pull at it with a comb, you start yelping. It’s curly and unruly, and when you’re a kid, you’re used to your parents cornrowing your hair because dammit, they don’t wanna be sitting putzing around with your hair every day. You just get a brush for the stray ends and that mess gets done every few days.

But then as you get older, you see other girls with straight hair and you’re like, “I want my hair to look like THAT.” And that becomes your sole focus — straight hair is cute. Straight hair doesn’t HURT. Well, there is the whole burning your hair straight and managing not to burn your scalp in the process thing. I didn’t get my hair straightened for the first time until I was twelve, if I remember correctly. I hassled my mother for the better part of a year about it, and finally she caved and let me get my hair relaxed. Black ladies, Dudley’s is your best friend… really.

“Good Hair” really touched upon some unreal things that are part of daily life: you can’t touch a black woman’s hair. You don’t know how much money she put out for that thing. Don’t ask her to get it wet; is you HIGH?! *_* (j/k) And there is the stigma that you can’t possibly want to go NATURAL. That’s not presentable, nobody will take you seriously, blah blah blah.

I dunno about you, but I see a lot of beautiful women gracing the natural style look, present company included. I literally went from hair down to my shoulders to less than 1 inch of hair in one shot. And honestly, when you do it, it is the most liberating thing EVER. The realization that “you are not your hair” becomes completely true. YOU ARE NOT YOUR HAIR. It doesn’t define you and isn’t the source of your self-esteem, beauty, intelligence or otherwise. While I keep it short because it’s cost-effective (I cut my hair maybe ever 3 months, and it costs a whopping $15 tops… woooo, so pricey), it gives a new definition to the perception of femininity. Yeah, every once in a while I run across an idiot that calls me “sir”, to which the dirty look they receive will never wash away… BUT all things considered, I don’t worry about the “good hair” need to have long luxurious locks like other celebrities and people paler than me. It’s not necessary.

I’m OH so grateful for that kind of freedom. So yeah, watch this movie. Please. Especially those of you that don’t have a clue why black women are so into their hair. It’ll make sense after this movie, I promise you, and you’ll never make the mistake of wanting to touch a woman’s weave ever again.