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Culinary Externship Time!

Today, I finally have an interview scheduled for a restaurant so that I can begin my culinary externship. I’m hoping to have 2 interviews but we will see how the day goes. I’m rather anxious to begin! Since my whole upheaval and being displaced from my home, I haven’t really cooked. You know how I feel about that… I like cooking for others, and when you don’t really have a place to live, it can be a tad tricky to do anything of that sort. So yes, I’m a little out of practice, but it truly is like that whole bike analogy. I know I’ll get right into the swing of things once I get started and have a sense of what the chef wants from me. This will also be good as a precursor to my housewarming where I’ll be showcasing some of my prospective menu items.

But goodness! I haven’t been on an interview in years. The one thing I’ve learned about that is to just be yourself. Nerves are a normal part of that process, so I don’t think most interviewers hold that against you. People that are overconfident concern me more. So in that respect, I think I’ll do alright. I’m well spoken and professional. And I work my butt off. I’m gonna bring in my journal from 102 with me; I’ve got some pics of my stuff there. Maybe I can scrounge up some 200 class pictures too.

I hope to have good news later today!

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