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The Good Thing About Relaxation

Everyone has their own particular ways of relieving stress. For some, it’s going out for a drink or dancing or singing… Ok, I’m talking about myself here. 😀 Man, there’s nothing like some serious wailing to an 80’s rock jam to release te stresses of the day. Drinking, of course, is a double edged sword, but that’s more an issue of moderation than anything else. Anyway, the alternatives: work some more? Err, nope I’ll pass. But seriously, relaxation is an integral part of the human condition. We must have some level of down time in order to rejuvenate ourselves. When money isn’t an issue, a visit to the spa would be optimal. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a spa!! A few years even… I guess I’m overdue. I’ve been thinking of exploring more meditative routes, the inner peace that keeps you motivated and strengthens. Once my externship is done! I’m gonna have no time in the midst of that, my regular job and moving into a new place.

Spa Xmas present anyone? *hint, hint*