M-Day, Part 2

Here’s the bottom line: I’m all moved in and just working out some kinks. But good grief! What a pain in the butt it was to get it to happen!

So yesterday, the movers were originally scheduled to be at Orlando’s at 10am, but when I called to confirm early on, they said they wouldn’t be there till 11. No problem. So I spent the morning taping up some miscellaneous boxes that were going. Percell and Jan eventually show, but no movers. I had IKEA delivering stuff, and I couldn’t bot be there for that. TWICE yesterday I had to walk back and forth from Ellwood to Sherman. TWICE! Thank God it’s not that far apart. Anyway, guess what time these dudes showed up? 1pm. My cable appointment starts at 2. In hindsight, I should have packed up what I needed and took a black cab over to the apartment, but geez, I was already filled with angst and anxiety.

But then these guys showed up in the most BOOTLEG looking van ever. I asked what happened to the truck I was expecting: “Oh all the other trucks were out on jobs, so this is what I got.” Bull. Fact of the matter was that I needed to move my stuff so I couldn’t just not continue, so we proceeded. It took forever for them to pack up te ban because they had to finagle a whole lot of stuff to get it all to fit. All in all, for my less-than-studio quantity of goods, it took them 4 hours to go from one place to another. *shakes head*

Wait, it gets better.

So because they were late, I couldn’t keep my appointment with Time Warner (that cable dude was a dick — he wouldn’t wait 10 minutes for me to bring the TV and cable box/modem over. Asshat.) So of course I’m beside myself with anger. Then TWC tells me, oh I can’t reschedule the appt because the computer won’t let me. *_* (I ended up having to make the appt for next Saturday so no Internet or TV for a week. I am not happy about this.)

The movers then FINALLY finish, and then they have the unmitigated gall to ask, oh no tip? WTF?! I’m sorry — do I need to recount todays events? Hmm let’s see… you were 2 hours late… made me miss my cable appt… and it took you 4 hours to move a small studios worth of stuff… in your ragtag van no less… AND YOU WANT A TIP?

Clearly that tip never took place. Can’t you just FEEL my ire? >_< All in all though, my friends really came through, even el Ex. So to you all, my heartfelt thanks. I owe you dinner and wine! But for damn sure, I'm keeping my happy backside in this apartment for a long while to come. I already started unpacking and realized that I don't own a whole lot. Hopefully I'll come across some extra cash at some point to get some "luxuries" but for now, groceries will do. And no matter what people say, wine, butter, cheese and bacon are necessities. That is all!

2 comments on “M-Day, Part 2
  1. I am FEELING your pain. But you are so blessed to be able to have done your thing…sans internet and TV and all. I will (hopefully) see you sometime this week…

  2. Oh yeah, I am very very grateful it is done. Thank God. 😀 I just complain because it makes me feel better sometimes. Haha. And no hopefully, missy! We shall see each other this week.

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