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M-Day, Part 1

You know the day is going to be interesting when you wake up at 3:15am with stomach pains, and you’re moving later that morning. *_* Anyway, I had no idea I had so much stuff stray at el Ex’s house, so I’m glad I came a little early to pull it out and scrounge out some bags. When in doubt, bag it. It’s the moving rule of thumb. It stands to reason that I’m gonna need an extra set of hands, hence why I asked for help from the Ex (note the prior difference) and my girl Jan. Man, I’m so glad they’re helping me out! It will make this process less painful than it already is.

So household firsts:
1) get everything inside the place
2) replace the toilet seat, because my butt is not plopping down on some unknown unit
3) put up blinds/shades, because my stuff ain’t nobodys business but my own
and 4) get some eats, because this stuff is hard work!

Yeah…. Back to it!!