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I’m Moving!

Okay, this has been the news of the hour. After a couple of months of limbo living post-breakup, I’m finally getting into my own place again. But MAN, I’ve gotta say how I’d forgotten a pain in the butt moving can be! There’s so many elements to coordinate and the MONEY. You just bleed cash to get this stuff done. My big concern was to do this all on cash, no credit at all. So far I have been successful, but the bulk of the work is still yet to come. The move is on Saturday, and granted, I’m super excited! It’s like that new car smell, you know? LOVE the smell… until you get all settled in and your clothes are strewn all over the place ^_^. I’m not *that* messy. (No comments from the peanut gallery!!) Anyway, as I said, it’s a good thing albeit stressful.

I’m taking the day off on Friday to get a bulk of the pre-move stuff done. There’s the stop at IKEA to get a sofabed, among other things, and the stop at Lowe’s to get some fixtures that need changing. But then too, I don’t want to waste a whole lot of time putting these things together, so I was looking around on craigslist to see if I could hire someone to do it for me. OH BOY. Talk about expensive! One dude quoted me $650 to put together and install some stuff for me. Really? $650? I’m rolling in dough like that to just hand over that kind of cash. I’m about to hire one of my friends to do it and I’ll pay them to do it for me. Or hell, just do it myself. I was trying to avoid that since my knee has been bothering me considerably lately, but man.. I could be using that $650 on something else!

Then Saturday, I’m getting my stuff from the ex’s place, which should be interesting in and of itself. Let’s see how that goes… I’m gonna miss Dutchie (the cat), but perhaps once everything is all settled, I could consider getting a feline of my own. That’s a ways off though. The one thing I’m happy for is the location of my place… smack dab between two train stations, so I can pick and choose since they’re so close. Supermarket and laundry are right across the street… I’m on the 2nd floor of the building in the back, away from any noise from the front of the building… it really worked out well. And the managing company is right next door, which is good! If I need something done, they’re right there.. and it helps tremendously that they are very pleasant.

AND as I’ve mentioned to several folks, I’m going to be having a housewarming / tasting, so its going to be interesting indeed! I’ll be cooking once again! I’ve missed it so.

I hope to have pictures of the new place up on Facebook really soon! At the very least, highlights from the moving saga. 😀