Four-day morning musings to God

Dear Lord,

Did you have to wake me up at this horrendous hour? Is it because I don’t have enough stress in my life? Granted, you don’t give more than a girl can handle supposedly, but this is getting ridiculous. I wake up to the thought of finding paperwork for this apartment I applied for today (which btw was a sign in that the number of the building is 101 so thank you), only to realize it isn’t in the place I dreamed it was. Now I have to hit up the ex to help me find it. At the rate I’m going, I’m getting no sleep. Thanks, thanks a lot.

I only have to function at work today! >_< And I have that blasted project due on Wednesday on top of everything else... You sooo owe me... a spa, a massage, a vacation... something for all these stresses. If I get an ulcer because of all this... *grumbles*

2 comments on “Four-day morning musings to God
  1. At that particular point in time, that’s sure how it felt! Ugh, at that hour of the morning? Honestly. 😀 God lives in all of us, my love! 😀

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