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Doctor’s Offices Make Me Cringe

As you may already know, I’ve had a lot of medical issues lately. My knee has a torn meniscus, my IUD drives me insane, and I have to have surgery on my foot, the same one I’ve put off for the last 3 years. With my culinary externship coming up in October, I’m on the home stretch for school and I don’t wanna miss anything, which means no surgeries of any kind until the beginning of the year. That said, docs offices are rather annoying at times. Here I am at my doc, waiting for my blood results, and that takes 30 minutes. I’m on the clock right now! Maybe they don’t want me to freak out if something in the results is off. Fine. But dude, don’t make me wait on my work time to get it! Sigh. The whole healthcare thing makes me cringe. Go to the doc, put out a copayment. Get lab work done, more money. The state system may be slow, but you get the results you want for less money generally. Forget it if you need glasses to function; they treat vision and dental care as luxuries, when in fact, if you can’t see, you’ll be hard pressed when working. Bad teeth? Talk about pain and digestive issues. They all compound on each other.

I just wanna get back to work… I have so much to do. :-/

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  1. sad to say, that this doesnt look any better on the other side of the coin, cause no one wants to pay for services that are legitimately rendered.

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