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The World With No Lights On

I wonder sometimes how difficult it is for people that are blind to go about their daily business in a society that is so heavily focused on what you can see. I’m on the train heading home and there’s a blind guy on. He was helped on by a few strangers. Something compels people to help others, which I think is an admirable thing. But there are those I’ve seen that get offended because they don’t want to seem weak. I’ve been curious enough at times to put the lights out in my house or keep my eyes closed and challenge myself to get around without relying on my eyes. It’s tough, and I can only imagine how they do it in the world at large, where things are constantly changing. They are courageous individuals that we should respect. Loss of any sense — sight, hearing, whatever — takes a tremendous transition and shift, especially if the loss resulted from tragic circumstances. There’s a challenge: could you get around without your sight for just one day?