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Health questions

I recently went to my GP and he told me that I had to lose 35 lbs. Just like that. Now granted I know I’ve got some weight on me and my fight to lose it had been hindered by a few factors, my birth control among others. But what I’m having the most problems with lately is sheer fatigue. I’m always tired these days. I’ve felt this way for the last almost 2 months now. Sleep has been difficult and I’m constantly waking thru the night. Maybe I have a lot on my mind, but I know for sure I can’t keep going on like this, especially if I’m going back into the kitchen next quarter. I feel so weak, my head is swimming during the day. The only thing getting me thru is sheer adrenaline and willpower.

Well I’m gonna get to the bottom of this ASAP. Can’t take the chance of passing out at work or during class.