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Mets etiquette

I’m on my way to the Mets vs Phillies game right now and it just occurred to me that some people don’t understand the do’s and don’ts of visiting Shea (or for that matter any home ballpark):

(this is the quick and dirty version because I don’t have all day)

— it is generally frowned upon for you to wear rival jerseys and other regalia on non-rival game days. That’s just insulting and asking for a lynching.

— don’t cheer louder than the home team. Cheer tastefully and with respect to the home crowd.

— don’t get drunk at the ballpark. Dude, really. Don’t.

— don’t block the view of the fans, especially at pivotal moments… Like bases loaded, 2 out and your cleanup man is at bat… Yeah, move outta the way will ya?

— and lastly, enjoy the game. Don’t sulk because that guy messed up a play. Seeing a game ain’t cheap and it’s something not a lot of people get to do. High five your neighbor when that homerun strikes, and kiss your significant other when DiamondVision puts the spotlight on you.

That is all.