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Day Trips

It’s kinda tough to travel these days for me. Between the cost of school (which I pay 1/2 out of my pocket) and regular household and daily expenses, I’m not left with a whole lot of cash. So doing the airplane thing is a bit difficult. The funny thing is that I have miles; I can go to places without paying full price. These airlines are tricky though, adding crazy surcharges and fees, and next thing you know, you’re paying $150 for what should be a free flight. All that aside, the real cost of a vacation is the lodging. Hotels are expensive, plain and simple. Not that I’m ever looking for a 5-star place, but just something clean, reliable and reasonable. I just want to know that my stuff won’t be pillaged and the bed doesn’t have the most recent stains from the last customer on the bed.

So the next best thing? Day trips. Just leave the immediate area and go somewhere out of the city. Yesterday, Orlando and I went to Philadelphia, which is only a 2 hr ride by bus from NYC. Last time I’d been there was about 4-5 years ago. The city has undergone some major changes since then. It was really pleasant and different from the every day. I’m grateful to be able to do stuff like that since it doesn’t cost too much. But you know me, I love to eat and if its someplace new, I’m even more inclined to do that. 😀 Food snob that I am. We went to this cool place that had a stupendous beer selection and actual good food. The bartender was super cool and really down to earth; always a great thing!! I’ll yelp about the place — its too cool to keep to myself.

So hooray for day trips! Boo to faraway destinations — at least in my current financial situation. 🙂 When I’ve got a half an inch of disposable income, then I’ll head off to some faraway destination. Until then, I’ll be hoarding cash and hoping to pay things off the quickest and best way I can.