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Culinary School Update

I’ve approaching the end of my 2nd quarter at AI and its been going quite well so far. My 2nd Qtr class is all about cooking techniques like saute, frying, braising and so on. I was out sick on Monday, but I did push myself into class yesterday. We made shrimp etoufee with dirty rice, which is really awesome! The fundamentals of braise are really simple. Sear, sauce, oven… in really REALLY basic terms. But man, that etoufee was super awesome. I’m gonna make it again over the weekend, hopefully!

This has been a tough few months, with me being sick for now the 3rd time. I can’t say what is behind it, but I know for sure, I’m not getting the flu shot again. I’ve never been this sick in rapid succession ever in my life. It wasn’t worth it, that’s for sure. Because of this, I’ve missed out on some things from class because I was ill. I am hoping that I will be doing better as the summer months approach. Warm weather always suits my disposition well.