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Onward to Culinary School!

On an impromptu decision, I went to check out a very good culinary school here in the city… and I’m taking steps to get myself enrolled! It is very exciting. The school is very prestigious — all kinds of certifications and accreditations. AND the program is 18 months long part-time. I can still work F/T and do this. I won’t have much time to myself, but hey, nothing comes without some sacrifice. It is a weird thing to consider going back to school at this point in my life, but it feels like it would be worth it. I would finally get those skills I don’t have, and have the basis for finally opening my own restaurant.

There’s a lot of stuff I wanted to do with my life, among others, write and publish a novel. There’s so many things…. but what astonishes me is how easily I forgot them, or rather, let them fall to the wayside just to survive: work work work every day. I didn’t think about it until I went through this process. Its sad, and it made me sad. I just don’t know how that transpired, where my ambition disappeared to.

In any event, there’s a lot of things I have to fix before the end of the year. School starts Jan 5th or somewhere thereabouts. I’ll find out if they accept me into the school or not shortly. They don’t just let any old body in; you have to be interviewed and accepted first. We’ll see; I have an appt @ 2 pm today, so I’ll know more then. Even if I don’t get in (which I don’t think will happen), this is good momentum. I can use this to jump start other things.