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Friendship and Adulthood

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, wondering how friendship forms in your adulthood. Perhaps more the question is how do you “make” friends as an adult? I exclude relationships formed during the course of work and anything prior to graduating from higher education.

Maybe you have to join a group. But I know that bars and similar venues are not the places where this takes place. People of any level of quality are really only discovered in places of intellect or creativity. For me, I’ve found it tough and realize that my list of friends is super short. I didn’t take the time when I was younger or in my high school/college years to cultivate many friendships. And the ones I do have now consist of former boyfriends and their friends. We’re all connected and everything — the whole six degrees business — but that still doesn’t change that fact. I am fascinated by those people that can just meet someone and instantaneous be their “friend” (acquaintance by all accounts). Those damned social butterflies! It seems to me that I can’t be the only one feeling this way, that discovering friendships as an adult, without any sexual overtones or experience, is super difficult.

Ehh, I’m just rambling…