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No More Baseball – My Season’s Over!

Its just as well that the Mets didn’t win. In truth, after that performance, they didn’t deserve to win, not even the wild card. Actually I don’t want either NY team to win. The Yankees, despite their performance lately, have been mediocre and are not playing like the team they could be. This is not new — its the Yankees after all. But the fact of the matter is that NY teams are getting 2 new stadiums. Is this how they repay their fans, with mediocre (and in the Mets case) abysmal performances? I want them to think HARD, really hard at how this season played out. Think about how many fans have lost hope, and maybe those that are hoping that 2008 won’t be a replay of this season. It is not over for many deserving fans of some other teams, and as a baseball fan in general, I salute them. Their teams worked hard, worked their butts off to either clinch their division or get the wild card spot. But lackadaisical work produces exactly what happened to the Mets.

So folks, my baseball season’s over. And its just as well too. I’m looking forward to doing some other things for the winter. Until next spring.