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Children, children… everywhere!

One of the things I’ve noticed more often since I’ve decided not to have children is how MANY children that are around. OMG, it’s incredible how many children one person can have too! I’m not like other childfree folks; I like kids to an extent. I love my godson and my friends kids… heck, my boyfriend’s daughter is a really good girl! I just don’t want any to come forth from my loins. But when I see them en masse, it’s just suddenly too much, and I get really pissed off. What is the driving factor for people to have children these days? And please don’t tell me accidents. That is really no excuse in this day and age of MANY ways to protect yourself from having kids. I think some women enjoy being pregnant. I feel like it is a tether, holding you to something you will never be rid of. I love the idea of spending my money on me and going places when I want to go to them. Even under my current set of circumstances with Orlando, that’s the way I want it to continue. I’m not going to stop doing something I want to do just because he can’t do it with me, for whatever reason that is including his daughter. Independence, in that sense, is priceless. I just wish people thought twice about getting pregnant or at least considered if they could support them.

I was watching Divorce Court yesterday, and there was this lady that didn’t have custody of her children and was saying she wasn’t going to pay child support to the father, who has custody. What kind of backward thinking is that? If you have kids and they are not in your custody, you have to pay child support. What, will the kids be automatically taken care of because the kid came out of your cooch? Or you breastfed them (don’t even get me started on the latest realm of mothers fighting for public breastfeeding accomodations — the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen)? Fork over the cash lady. Equal opportunity.