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The End of Summer Musings

So folks, the summer is drawing to a close. I’m continually amazed by how quickly time is passing. I joke, but soon Christmas will be here!

This hasn’t been a bad year so far, and I’d like to keep it that way. Lots of work — I seem to spend most of my time working these days. Lots of the stuff I read online and in magazines is like, “The only way you’ll ever be rich is by owning your own business and being an entrepeneur.” Granted, that may be true, since I can tell you, its damn near impossible to get rich working for someone else, but to do the own business thing, you’ve gotta have a lot of help from various quarters. And eventually, that is what I want to do. In theory, I don’t want to work for someone else after this job I’m currently at. I’d like to either open my own restaurant or write full-time (with some temp-jobs as my backup, kinda thing). I don’t have kids (and neither do I plan on having them), so I don’t have to worry about supporting someone else. If Orlando and I stay together, he has a job so I’m not terribly concerned about ending up destitute if I tried either option.

Well, it’s an idea for now while I get myself together. :) It seems a shame in a way. A life lived working for others. If it is in a charitable capacity, that’s ok. But just to earn money to survive? Life seems a little more worthwhile than that. There’s that movie coming out soon with that guy that leaves his life behind — his rich and opulent life with his parents — to go traveling around the country. No money, no ID, no name basically. While he’s crazy to an extent, its admirable. Isn’t living life about learning? Seeing the world? Letting your creativity run wild? Making things better for your fellow human being and for future generations?

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  1. booboo on said:

    yes. which explains why i am going to move to the big island and go back to school. not for business, but for something else. all i know is that me doing what i do does nothing but puts about 11 bucks in my pocket every hour and 10 grand a month in the attorney’s. not to mention to money that the insurance companies save when the cases are won in their favor.

    lately life has been feeling like a saturday night in the advanced course. gross.

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