I’ve begun to hate Saturdays when they come. I wake up, usually after a night of either watching baseball or reading a book, and feel uninspired to do anything. I know I should, I know I could do something, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Then when I get out of bed finally, it feels more like I have no other choice because the bed is making my back hurt. Being at home is horrible, because all I feel like I want to do is eat. And that is what I do. Eat. And the cycle continues of me feeling bad because I’m trying to lose weight right now. It’s bad, really bad. What are my alternatives going out? I don’t want to spend any money, and I usually don’t want to go out unless I have a specific purpose to fulfill. There’s just here, the dark house of mine. And it is dark – not  a speck of natural light hits this apartment. It’s depressing. And only on Saturdays.

2 comments on “Uninspired
  1. herman on said:

    What happened, you used to love your place? And how come you’re not riding your bike, not gonna make it over the Brooklyn Bridge if you don’t practice 🙂

  2. Ojea on said:

    Herman is absolutely right, u know? So get outta there and on the bike! Go, go, go! 😉

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