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Eat Like The French?

I’ve been reading this book I got at Borders yesterday, “The French Don’t Diet Plan”, and it has been rather interesting so far! Lots of revelations, lots of great ideas… and reasons to go organic. Some of the things the author noted just turned my stomach. And it gave me hope that maybe you don’t have to do severe things and still eat like a normal human being.

So I jumped at the chance to do this, and I’ve prepared a completely organic meal. The meal is wild-caught cod with seasoned organic spinach. I also picked up a mini French baguette (organic of course) and an organically produced lager beer by Samuel Smith (UK product). All in all, this meal plus some organically grown scallions and bar of dark chocolate, cost me $20. That’s not horrible, I think. Plus, I have extra spinach left over and it can go with another meal.

I’m going to try the central idea to the process: eating slower. You just don’t realize how quickly you eat until you stop and think about it. Yesterday, Orlando and I went to our usual place to eat a quick bite, Kennedy’s. I’d say we were there for about 1 hour tops, mostly because we were rushing to see the game. Note the word rushing. That is so common to Americans. I want to take my time and enjoy the food, sit chatting about stuff and just leisurely taking in food. Scarfing it down just doesn’t seem healthy and in fact doesn’t give your brain the appropriate signals to stop eating, especially if you are really full. Anyway, I’m going to give this a try. Besides I love French food… I think I’ll like their style of eating.