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Take Your Cue, New York!!!

In Sydney, Australia, they recently turned out their lights for 1 hour as a call to action for everyone regarding global warming and the drastic changes in climate. They managed to get residents into it and businesses did “candlelight-only specials” at their establishments to promote it.

See the article here:

While this is a great idea, Sydney is only one city of a handful around the world to take something of this magnitude on. The world continues to talk and talk about the problem, and turns a blind eye to the solutions. Perhaps this is where a city like New York comes in. New Yorkers are the most energy dependent people in the US (or so it seems — I don’t have the exact statistics), and our city is lit 24/7 from top to bottom. How impacting would it be for the world to see the Empire State Building or Times Square without lights for an hour? There is the social aspect to consider, of course — people could very well go berserk and think they could rob everyone under the sun — but the statement would be HUGE. New York City — lights out for an hour and taking a stand on global warming.

I wonder if anyone is planinng something like that here in the City.