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Melodifestivalen 2007!

What a great way to unite Europe through MUSIC! This contest takes place yearly where groups from countries across Europe compete for top prizes.

Official Site of EuroVision contest:

What I like about this is to hear new and different styles of music from across the ocean. I picked up a cool song from Swedish performer Sofia for her song “Hypnotized”… nice dance pop number. Too bad she was eliminated in the 2nd round semi-finals. 🙁 But you can get that hot song on iTunes! 🙂 See the video here too:

Have a look at this site (its in Swedish, but use some common sense):

You can videos of the semi-finalists and their songs! It’s a cross-continental American Idol! More exciting if you ask me.. without Simon’s nasty remarks.

The semi-final winner, Elin Lanto’s “Money” reminds me of Britney Spears! It’s weird. LOL.