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Hypocrites, All Of Them!

I had to sound out about the whole Don Imus blowup. Look, I’ll be short and sweet on this one. Imus has been saying things that piss a lot of people off for years. I don’t disagree that what he said was wrong, but it is hypocritical of the “establishment” to get on him now about what he said after all these years. If you didn’t say anything before, saying it now is almost too late.

In a way I back up how Imus is handling the situation. He apologized, wants to see the people he made comments about and apologize to them, and that’s that. There’s no need to drag it out and make an even bigger fiasco. Apologize, get over it and move on.

People have turned his comments into a free pass to play their racial ticket. You’ve got Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton getting down and dirty about it, saying “Oh you shouldn’t mock our children and our powerful black women…” Granted, Imus didn’t know them from Adam, but that’s just like politicians to grab a yard and steal a mile. It’ll be better once it is all settled with the Rutgers women’s team.

Let’s see who else they’ll make an example of and extend the reign of hypocricy even further.

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  1. Ojea on said:

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of that. Most of these celebs have a big mought. While no one has a purpose in it to complain and make a stink of things they will just drop it. But now they just want to use one scape goat. Because it fits their current purposes. Such is life these days. People only complain when it suits them to do so, and others back them up when it makes them look good. I dont condone insulting anyone. But this is the media these days and everyone gets insulted all the time, white, black, asian, hispanics, european… everyone… we laugh at it if its funny we frown if its not and we move along. Thats that.

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