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Spring Forward Early?

The whole concept of Daylight Savings Time baffles me. I understand the arguments of why people are for it, but it still doesn’t change the fact that people usually get screwed by it. Nevertheless, the thing that shocked me was that the change in time was such a non-event. Usually you see on TV or hear people saying, “Don’t forget to ‘spring forward’!”, but I didn’t hear a single soul about it in the last few days. I saw it online in some reports, but that’s about it. The good thing about this change is that unlike Y2K, you can just change the time if it messes you up. But everyone should be good if you got your patches and updated your system.

Still, like I said… a total non-event. Beats me why that is so.

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  1. booboo on said:

    Do you like Sailor Moon? Are you from Brooklyn?

    we don’t set clocks forward or backward here. we don’t mess with time.

    tell jookjiveguy i said happy big 5-0.

    and btw, ten years ago we met in person for da first time in front of elizabeth street center. Saylah-teleport.

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