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Detox Time!

One of my co-workers talked about doing a liquid detox and she lost 18 lbs in about 2 weeks. I thought, that couldn’t possibly be? But I started reading about a lot of detox things and that is a very common side effect of going through a proper cleanse. However, with detox programs, lots of them end up with you starving and then eating it all back once you’re done with the detox. So I looked into some other stuff, like colon cleansing. Now, it’s not a pleasant subject given that it involves things like your poo (yeah, poo), but it’s hugely important. I decided to order something that seems to have incredible results in not only losing weight (which is just a side effect), but clearing out lots of old crap (no pun intended) that sticks to the intestinal lining after years and years.

Here’s the site:

The testimonials are full of disgusting descriptions of the things that are in your body: old fecal waste, parasites, worms… you name it. But you know, that’s shock therapy for you; that stuff lives inside of us all. So I’m gonna give it a go. I ordered it and I probably will get it mid to late next week. If I could be rid of some of the symptoms I have, I would feel SO much happier and energetic! I’m excited about it.

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  1. Ojea on said:

    Cool, i guess if any of you have any questions about the results, just ask me. I will be happy to let you in on the results…!

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