A Nuclear World

I should start off by saying that I’m glad to be an American… but frankly, right now, I’m not. I love America and it is a beautiful, dynamic place that is the only country this size to have such an eclectic mix of citizens. It is the lack of homogenousness that makes America what it is. In that, I think that we have a somewhat warped perspective of the rest of the world. While it is fine and good to be of service to others in their time of need, it makes for a difficult position when your end goal is to have someone else emulate you. This is rather conceited of the United States, thinking that this system of democracy is best for everyone. It couldn’t be more untrue.

I stand by the fact that this current outlook of the US has been marred by President Bush and his advisors. They somehow fail to understand that they are representatives of every American citizen when they go out and declare, in affect, their own “jihad” (non religious based, of course) on the rest of the world. Think for a second; that is what they have essentially done. Is it any wonder that people around the world have a distate for Americans in general now?

We need different leadership, post-haste. I don’t know what that leadership looks like, but it is essential that it be someone forward thinking, knowing that the world will not thrive on war. It is a shame that we have to tolerate just under 2 more years of this administration; so much can happen in 2 years. At the rate things are going, we could find ourselves seeing that nuclear world sooner than we’d like. The situation in the world is so precarious. One callous word, one underthought action, can precipitate events that we cannot possibly comprehend or imagine. I think there’s some validity to President Vladimir Putin’s recent commentary on the US’ policy and actions. There’s a lot of “take them out” and “we will win this war on terror” without thinking of the short- and long-term implications of such actions. Win? Who wins? In a nuclear world, who wins? Not a damn soul. And it is that unfortunate fact that is escaping the powers that be.

Do we want to waste what time we have on this fragile planet trying to connive and cheat and lie? Where is the “humanity” in that? If everyone, politicians most specifically, gave pause to these questions, they would be seeking things that would cause growth and improve the current state of their respective cities, states and countries. They would do well to remember that instead of where the next bomb should go.

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  1. booboo on said:

    Oh. I stopped paying attention to Bush and his administration once I realized that no matter how anyone tries to hold him accountable for his actions and the state of the nation since he rigged that election back in 2000 he will find a way to slip through it with that ridiculous grin on his face.

    may him, ann coulter and the rest of those busted minded assholes burn in hell for eternity.

  2. These are very worrisome times. Like they say, history just has a habit of repeating iteself. We shall see some such should the state of the world not improve. Then, there will be no politics that matter.

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