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There’s good food, then there’s…

… blah food. So I’m guilty as charged. I love to eat. I enjoy a really good meal. Today I got to partake of a really good one at Ise on 56th St and 6th Ave. It wasn’t extraordinary, but it was worthwhile and I would definitely go again. I know, I know. I need to lose weight. I’ll think about that in February. Right now I need the comfiort of food and something to relax me with my daily trials. 🙂 Actually, I’m hoping I make it through tomorrow because lots of stuff is going on and it’ll be intense. Dunno if my mind is up to it, but it’ll have to be. I’ll suck it up, if for no one else but my boss. She works really hard and deals with things  that are more difficult that I deal with on a daily basis, so I can hardly complain.

Well, truth be told, after all this, I wan to take some time off. I was talking to Shawn about 2 weeks ago about going to CA to see TPIR live in Culver City in March, which would be awesome! Can you imagine: going to see Bob Barker LIVE?! I swear, I’ll pee myself big time. Hehe.

Oh in other news, I signed up for Swedish class today. That should prove to be interesting. Classes start February 5. so I hope I come away with some working Swedish after taking this class. 🙂 That’s the goal anyway. That’s it for now. I’m tired.

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