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Ok, So I’m Under Stress

Despite liking what I do, I cannot deny the fact that I am under more stress now than in my prior job. So much is riding on my findings and reports, things that could make or break my office. It’s ever so important for me to be precise and detailed. Slipups are just not a possibility. I’ve found that my stomach isn’t liking that too much, always churning. And the next thing I know, I’ll end up with an ulcer. I don’t want that, now. Like right now, we are finishing up stuff for last year and things are intense. That’s normal, I know. I guess it’s just a tricky prospect with so many wheels turning at the same time. I’m juggling at the moment, not doing a great job, mind you, but doing what I can.

I’m grateful to be off the weekends so that I can sleep. I JUST got up about 15 minutes ago and it’s afternoon! I was up til about 1:30am, so that’s a LOT of sleep. I ended up watching a little bit of that show “Hex”, the British drama about some witches and demons. At first I couldn’t get into the show (I watched it before), but I could with this episode. It was a bit more clear in their explanation of what was going on. Its an interesting show, almost a cross between a standard soap opera and “Charmed”. With an accent. And they curse. *shrug*

Anyway, I finally got my shredder here, so I’m going through that today. I also think I’m going to move my desk over to the far wall as I had in my prior plan, once I get my bookcase here. (No I haven’t bought it yet. It’s too expense to have it shipped directly from IKEA! The bookcase itself is $100; the shipping is $150! WTF?!)

I figure at least my stress isn’t causing me to eat more. In fact, I’m eating okay for a change; eating slightly less for me to lose some weight. It is difficult to remain conscious of that every day, but its always a trial. I want to lose 20 lbs by June 1. Hefty task of which I’ve only partially started. So much to do… its no wonder I never rest.

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  1. I love Ikea. Between them, Pier 1 and the ABC Carpet Company (which I can only afford to look at) I could build a wonderful room.

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