I can’t believe I’m too sick to go to my own office Christmas party! That I organized and chose!!

Look how awesome this place is:

You know, this is just not fair, not at all. I was so looking forward to this, 2 months of hype until today, I was unceremoniously booted out of my office again, just like on Monday. I tried, I really did, to get better and take all the meds and drink stuff. It wasn’t enough. Whatever I have is stronger than my willpower. I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon (he didn’t have any availability today), to see if anything additional can be done. But I can’t stand being at home. I like working too much. Especially when I know there’s a lot to be done. I was only in until 12 noon, but I accomplished a lot.

This is just plain old ridicuous now. I’m going to take some Theraflu and promptly pass out.

2 comments on “Bust!
  1. Sorry you missed that party…

    It did look grand! And I’m sure everyone there was very pleased with the effort you put forth. However, not to sound like a nag, but keep your ass at home until you get better!

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