The Legendary Velfarre Closing?

For those of you that don’t know what or where Velfarre is, go here (Japanese site):

I was never a big fan of going out to Roppongi, but this place is ridiculously awesome. And its closing after 12 years of being open. 12 years of bringing the forces of trance to Tokyo. It’s a shame and a travesty. I don’t understand why its closing, but I suspect it has to do with explosive popularity of hip-hop and the growth in Tokyo in general. Space is at a premium over there. Their resident DJs have released some great tracks over the years, and I’m sad to see them go.

If you can make it to their Final Dance on New Years Eve, go. It should be a night to remember. I wish I could, but I’m all the way over here in NY!

4 comments on “The Legendary Velfarre Closing?
  1. Hi Mika…

    It is a great shame that it is closing, but it is even more sad that all the reports seem to insist bad business is the reason for closing. Those of us from the club have always known that one day the lease would run out (hasn’t anyone noticed that the Tokyo Sports Cafe & One Eyed Jacks are also closed already??). You can bet another high rise is on the way very soon.
    Anyway, sad but what to do – it was (and for the next 7 days will continue to be) a great club!!

  2. I can’t believe that bad business is the rumour?! Well, like I said, hip hop is the hot thing now, so maybe trance has lost some steam. I find that a bit ironic though… trance is so ubiquitous — no matter your style of dance or sub-genre of preference, there’s a general respect and admiration for it and a shared love. Hip hop…err… can’t say the same. People tend to be more critical, and there’s this stigma of “gangsta” behind it. I simply can’t get into it; granted, some songs are pretty good. For the most part, I find trance’s universal appeal to be a draw. I hope that the scene, not just at Velfarre, but at infamous clubs around the world, aren’t suffering the same fate.

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