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What A Tough Week!

Last week was the tougest week I’ve had in a long while. I made it out
with my sanity though!! Still, I’m going to take it easy for a couple
weeks just to recoup.

I have something extremely important to do on Monday morning regarding
my outstanding debt, so I have to go handle that then and head into work
a little late. Nonetheless, I’m getting close to resolving that aspect
of my life — a clean slate when it comes to my credit card debt — and
starting fresh, so I can save without worrying about that stuff. I
should have it all complete in the next 6 months TOPS. It pays to be
aggressive about it and not freak out when stuff happens. I’m made of
tough stuff anyway. 😉

So, it’ll be my first year anniversary with Orlando this coming Tuesday.
I dunno where the time went and frankly, I wasn’t counting. Time just
flew. *shrug* Understandably, I haven’t had time to think about what to
wear, where to go, etc etc. I’m gonna brainstorm today, hopefully I can
come up with something interesting and memorable.

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  1. A year, wow! who would have thunk it? Its been a pretty wholesome year. Lots of learning and well worth every minute of it. What to wear? hmmm i will keep that one to myself. 😉 Looking forward for much more… see you out there, in the world! HUGS babes…

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