The Mets Move On!

As if there was ANY question whatsoever, the Mets have moved on to the NLCS battle! They beat the Dodgers in 3 games — the sweep!! I am so pleased. They played really well today and held out.. offense was strong and of course, Billy Wagner doing what he needed to do to finish it off. Truly, these Mets are AMAZIN. 🙂 Between the drive of the manger, Willie Randolph, and the incredible offense and defense… who cares about the failing of the team against left-hand pitchers (it is important, don’t doubt that). They’ve managed to do whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s baseball. That’s TEAM baseball.
I’m waiting to get my crack at tickets to go see them live! I don’t totally agree with their online auction strategy… it shuts out a huge population of folks that may have supported them all season. There will be plenty of opportunism for these things. But hey, I’ll get my tickets. You KNOW I’ll get my tickets!!!

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  1. hey… they moved on but only so far… sigh… it was a memmorable series though, wasnt it?

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