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So Much For The Yanks…

It is quite evident that $90+ million simply does not mean a thing. They still lost. Not the 8-0 they were down throughout the game today, but 8-3 with Posada’s last ditch homerun effort.

Hell, give it to the Tigers… they played DAMN good.

I can see for sure, that there will be some major reassessments about that ball club. Talk about some managerial changes, revisiting that A-Rod contract, among others. The utter look of shock on their faces as the Tigers celebrate a monumentous win over “the” big boys — The Yankees — is something worthwhile.

Good game, Tigers!

And now… the Mets… my beloved Mets. They will kick much ass now. For NY, it’ll be ALL about them. No subway series, but who needs it. 🙂