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The Unusual

I’m home today because I was traipsing from pillar to post yesterday for doctors and I got no rest. The boss insisted I stayed home today, which I am grateful for. I could not see myself staring at a computer screen all day without coming away with more pressure in my head and a blazing headache. As it is, I lowered the brightness on my laptop to a semi-tolerable level so that it doesn’t kill me. *sigh* This is more a point of annoyance now. My swelling in the nose has gone down, but it still hurts to the touch. Eating is tough because my teeth were affected and chewing anything harder than lightly toasted bread is painful. All of the pain remaining is the tremendous pressure behind my nose and the on/off bleeding because of blood clots in my nose. Lovely, right? Well, it’s already 1:15 (I slept for quite a bit) and I’m trying to find a plastic surgeon. Only had yogurt (again) so far; I’m not really hungry. Back to the search.

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  1. Do i need to come by and force feed you? lol eat well you! dont want to put to waste all the caring yesterday by you not feeding yourself well! sigh. HUGS!

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