Injuries and all that good stuff…

Looks like I really did it this time. Saturday evening, I was out biking with Herman and somehow, I lost control of my bike and ended up hitting a lamppost. Man, that was serious! I was there on the ground, blood surrounding me and it was just a big old mess. I was so lucky in truth, because I only ended up injuring my nose. It could have been a LOT worse, as in serious head trauma or maybe even something near fatal. Either way, it only proved that my head is hard as a brick. Or concrete. Or some similarly hard material of the earth. So I was picked up by an ambulance and was taken to Roosevelt Hospital and under observation for a few hours. I wasn’t alone; Herman was with me the entire time. That was good. I couldn’t have gone through a hospital experience by myself. Either way, I managed to self-diagnose and guide myself through “things not to do” while I was on the ground. Don’t stay on the back; lean to the side so tht blood doesn’t go tdown my throat and so on. Still, being in the hospital is unnerving. I don’t really care for the place. I managed to laugh and joke my way through the whole excursion.. better that than being all uptight and nervous and having more blood exit my body. I guess at this point, I lost more blood than I thought because on the 2nd day after this thing, I’m still feeling pretty weak. Haven’t really had the desire to eat anything (which, if you know me, is SO unlike me), so I guess in that sense I can’t recoup any nutrients and increase blood production. So I took today off from work so I can see a whole slew of doctors. I’m suppose to go to a plastic surgeon at some point during the week to see if any corective surgery needs to be done to my nose. Can you imagine? I planted my face straight on to that pole and only my nose got banged up. I’m friggin lucky, folks. I’m meant to be here for a while. Boy am I grateful. I can stick around and harrass more people! YAY! 🙂

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  1. In Gods good name, how do you manage to take a header into a pole? It’s a good thing Herman was there! Well at least your getting the bang-ups of riding a bike. I remember one time, I was riding with these boys, and we setup a ramp and were Jumping off it, and I did this super jump, but when I landed, I landed really hard, and a took a header right off the bike. I tumbled a bit and what not, but boy did that hurt like you can’t imagine. Yeah, those were the days when I thought boys were only good for showing me bike tricks. 🙂

    Girl, you need to eat something. Got to get that blood back up. Get foods with iron in them…stay away from spinach.

  2. Dont you worry guys, im taking over the patch up task! She has been fed, washed medicated and walked to all sorts of doctors. She will be in top shape in my watch ;), in no time. I will get her ready to get banged up again next weekend! Then i’ll take good care of her again from sunday on. In any case, shes doing much better. It was good she got checked at the hospital that night. Got to thank Herman for that, as he stood watch on saturday night.

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