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Punk Rock Karaoke!

I went to the Continental downtown tonight with Herman and some of his co-workers to this Punk Rock Karaoke night. It’s an awesome concept. Take your standard karaoke and put it in front of a live band — no screens to read from. You get a script and for your sake, I hope you know the song at least well enough to fudge your way thru cues. 😀 The music selection, in my opinion, is pretty limited, but folks.. they’re playing LIVE. And the band is actually good, pretty friggin talented if you ask me. I got to sing GnR’s “Sweet Child O Mine” and it got a good reception. Good stuff! I would absolutely do it again. More things like this should exist! I swear… someone told me about another group today that does this and the music is more rock than punk, which is cool. It’s late tho… need to sleep cause I’m getting up in about 5 hours. おやすみ。