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Behind The Times

Oh my God… so much has happened since last I made an entry here!

Ok, the big news first: I’m changing jobs! It wasn’t a good situation that happened here, you know. Things haven’t been that great here in the office and we had some serious cutting back to do. It was just time. So I’m looking at some other prospects and have been for the last week. I’ve been swamped between being at work and being out at appointments. My body’s been tired, nervous and everything in between. My last day is June 15th. Why so much time, you ask? Well, someone still has to replace me (which will be at a lower level), so that’s what the process is at the moment. There’s a few interviews going on over the phone on Monday, so hopefully some of those pan out and I can start the short training process.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this, but my mom had surgery on her knee a little while ago and is finally going back to work this Monday. She’s been doing pretty good, and I’m really glad that I was there for her to cook and take her from place to place.

The apartment is a mess… ugh. I haven’t been spending enough time doing those sort of menial things, mostly because I’ve been doing something just about every night in some way, shape or form. Particularly on Sundays. There’s a big tango thing going on at South Street Seaport every Sunday rain or shine thru October. It’s great — you can learn how to do it and meet some nice people. Unfortunately, I’ve come up against some resistance and trouble with that aspect, in my personal life that is, and it looks like I might not be able to do it anymore. *shrug*

Speaking of personal life, lots has been going on with that. It’s been tough lately, none of which I care to go through here. Needless to say, it’s really testing me and I’m feeling out of sorts about some issues. *shakes head* I dunno what it all means or where its going, but it feels just off to me.

Anyway, I’m going to try to make the best of things and keep my “eye on the prize” so to speak. 🙂 I’m gonna go have a drink with Herman for a minute and then I’m going home.