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Snooky Snooky!

I don’t know what it means, but it sounds cute and funny.

So folks, I’ve been relegated to the depths of my bed, sick as a dog again. Maybe I have the flu or some such. Whatever it is, it is friggin annoying. Coughing, my chest hurting like crazy… I was at work yesterday, miserable. I seriously think I contaminated my office, so I hope everyone sprays some Lysol all around. I’m taking today off to try to recoup and fix myself. Frankly, I’m done with being sick. You know when you do everything you’re supposed to do and it doesn’t help anyway? There you go. I’ve been taking vitamins consistently for the last 3 months, been eating (more or less) and so on.. no dice.

Hopefully this chicken soup will help some.

In other news, I left my phone at work last night!! So my only mode of verbal communication is not in my possession today. Poot! But there’s always IM! That is, if I’m awake. I fully expect to sleep this thing off. You know it’s bad when you voluntarily take Buckley’s (if you don’t know this vile cough medicine, consider yourself lucky!)… several times. That thing is like a menthol landslide going down your throat: lethal with every movement until it explodes in your chest.

Ironically, I have a lot I could do at home with this day off, but I’m in no frame of mind to do so. Recovery is it. Wish me luck!