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It’s been a very interesting last few weeks. There’s stuff I missed and neglected to put in here, mostly because I’ve been caught up with various other things and people. *sigh* In a way, I’m a little tired, to tell you the truth, physically, emotionally and mentally tired. I just need a break from damn near everything at the moment, I’m thinking. I just want some time to myself where I can just… be. No worrying about cases to close or what next financial catastrophe is around the corner… no making sure that things and people are being taken care of… I just want an opportunity to let myself go and not worry about it.

Lately, I’ve been focused in a lot, on me and what I want. And while that’s important, it creates this narrow focus of life and that’s not what I want. When I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing the things that are floating in my head, this is what tends to happen. And I’m forced to really have a look at that and what I want to do about it.

On a side note, since I cut my hair off (it’s growing back quicker than I’d ever anticipated!), I’ve started wearing earrings again. After an over 10 year hiatus. It seems more appropriate now, but it still feels weird to have things in my ear.

Career-wise, I am very clear on what I need and want to do. I just have to set myself up so that I can take advantage of what I want. Everything else is one big old blubb.

On a second side note, 21 Nights is having its premiere showing of “Truth or Dare 21”, the daring and risque cross between blackjack and truth or dare! It promises to be fun. More info and links here:

Tomorrow, Friday April 21 @ 49 Grove in Manhattan from 11pm is where you get to feel out the action! Come on down and play… if you DARE!!

Enough blatant advertising! And no, Shawn didn’t pay me to do that. The idea is really awesome and I can’t wait to see it in action. You should be there if you can.

That’s it for now. I’m going to take a shower.