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Cut It ALL Off!!

So I finally got around to the barbershop and cut all my hair off. I was growing an afro before, but I had some straightened hair still on the top still. I just figured it was time to get it all handled and start fresh. It looks really interesting. Anyhoo, my mom got thru her knee surgery a-okay yesterday. She’s just so friggin stubborn! She’s supposed to stay off her feet for 4 days and what is she doing? Walking around the apartment. OMG. I want to hurt her!! Then she’ll be like, “Oh, this hurts and that hurts..”


So I’m spending some time down in Brooklyn to take care of her, more or less. I’m still at work because that’s what I need to do, but still. That’s a WHOLE other story altogether. I’ll write more on that another time.

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to do something fun either tonight or tomorrow. Got a lot to do, like get rid of this stupid boxspring in my house!

Anybody want a FULL-sized boxspring for free?