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Something is wrong with me folks. I’m not feeling so hot these days. I’m constantly tired and have pains in various places all over my body. It’s really disconcerting. It’s been like this for the last few weeks. My diet has changed a bit, but I can’t really say that is the real reason.

I figured I would try going to the gym and working out. Maybe some more physical activity will pinpoint some things that are going wrong. You know I would not normally do it, given my current financial situation, but this is my life I’m talking about here. It’s worth paying a little something that could help it out and sacrificing somewhere else in my budget. Some of this stuff is even painful! My back pains are back, I’m getting chest pains too… *sigh*

I’m not getting old, per se… but by the way my body’s acting, it sure feels like it. I’ve gotta get better. I really want to.