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Takeover! Arrrr….

If you’ve been following the news, it’s been hard to ignore the whole port takeover situation that the President has recently propositioned. The whole idea seems to go against everything that the Department of Homeland Security would allow, an Middle Eastern nation known for its association with terrorist organizations, taking over several of our major ports. While the Bush Administration, well known for its inconsistencies in domestic and global policy, is trying to create a “new face” with the whole “oil” campaign, it has just taken 5 steps backward with this port situation.

I am all for equal opportunity. These guys obviously have the money to take on a transaction of this magnitude. We are a capitalist nation (that’s debatable too). So there would normally be no shame in doing this. So the question is: do we do it for the money or do we pull the discrimination card (also known as the Patriot Act) and tell them “hell no”?

Personally, I’m straddling the fence. Like with 9/11, they swear they have substantial evidence, this time pointing to the fact that they checked things out with these companies and it is legit. I truly can’t trust the government nor the reporting agencies regarding their evidence findings. Also, I’m not entirely sure about who has jurisdiction about those sorts of things. Certainly if Dubya is usurping the role of local/state government regarding this sale, he would be way out of line. I’ll check into that.

All I can really finish off with… is the fact that he’s a bumbling idiot. How can people possibly be satisfied with his performance and handling of the circumstances he has put us in and is continuing to put us in? Simply amazing.